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Becoming a Star is more than memorizing lines and looking the part. It's about Building Characters, Understanding your Opportunities, and Knowing how to make the most of Your Moment. You can't learn that in a book or a blog post and ordinary acting teachers don't have the real life experience to show you how. Our circle of Nickelodeon and Disney Stars work with every child, showing them the ropes and standing right next to them in their very first Hollywood Production.


"I never thought I'd be in an episode with my favorite characters from Zoey 101 but That Just Happened!"

-Autumn Acosta (Starz Talent)

"After filming with Starz, we got snatched up by an agent in LA and now my son is Working in Hollywood! Thank You Starz Tv!!"

-Stephanie Cabanas (Parent)



Whether your just starting out or your building your resume, every actor needs More Material. Throughout our Hollywood Introduction, each actor will be working on a monologue with our Nickelodeon and Disney Stars. We've gathered a bunch of monologues to give you an idea of what you should look for if you don't see one that screams "You" right here. Scripts and Sketches are equally integral in the industry and our Hollywood Production.



Becoming a Star is so much more than acting on a stage and training in a classroom. If you want to be a Star, you need to start off with a BANG! Every parent will understand the hardship of snagging the coolest job without what we call a Resume to show their experience. College helps, lots of classes taught by people who aren't themselves doing what they're teaching you. Kids can't go to college... Does that sound like the best way to be a Star? We didn't think so. What if you started out being an Astronaut by flying right into space and learning how to do it with Buzz Aldrin by your side?

That's our kind of thinking. Your favorite Stars from Nickelodeon Shows like "Zoey 101"and "Drake and Josh" as well as Disney shows like "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" Join you as the whole family spends a Week in Hollywood, California. You'll be working alongside them developing characters, playing out sketches like Saturday Night Live and learning the In's and Out's of networking in Hollywood to know the right people and find the best opportunities. That wouldn't be like going to space with Buzz Aldrin without Filming a Hollywood Production in a Studio where Emmy Winning TV Shows are made everyday. Before the week is up we gather Tomorrow's Stars into a Hollywood Premiere Theatre, with the celebrities now your friends, for a screening of your First Ever Hollywood Production.


We don't just make Stars - We make Memories Too! Our main goal for your week in Hollywood is to Have A Blast and create incredible family memories! We spend our time together building confidence, performing for the crowds and the cameras and acting like wild and crazy kids - no matter how old you are! The Nickelodeon and Disney Celebs guide every actor along the way to make sure Everyone gets a piece of the action. If you can Jam, Act, Dance, or just Love to Laugh - we created Starz for You. 

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