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Filming in the studio with those guys from Zoey 101 was a dream come true. There was never a dull moment! At first I was so nervous but by the end it was so easy to get up on stage in front of my family and all my new friends and perform tonight. Oh and wow, watching the episode on the movie screen after walking the red carpet, tonight was... just wow.

-Jennifer Vera

Starz Talent at the Star Premiere & Showcase

I'm in Hollywood now, what can I say? Starz was the stepping stone I needed to really get my foot in the door. I'd been in plays and even had a so called local agent for years but I wasn't getting any auditions. I auditioned for Starz though, and after the first day of rehearsals with Sean and Matt, I knew my career was about to lift off. Not two months after we added the Star Pilot Episode to my resume and I landed a couple Real Agents at the Starz showcase, they started sending out my new Demo Reel and I had so many callbacks in LA my mom and I have been out here Working on different projects for almost a month now! I can't thank you enough!

-Sebastian Cabanas

Starz Talent in Hollywood, CA after the  Premiere and Showcase

I've found talent at showcase events for years but the biggest problem we have with new clients is the resume. They shine like stars on stage performing but that's simply not enough. We need talent that can book jobs right out of the gate. Starz is really making our job much easier by finding these kids and not just training them, putting them in the studio with professionals we send them to audition for in the future. These kids here get up on stage at the showcase with a resume. I don't understand why this wasn't already a thing before Starz.

-Tammy Green

Co-Owner of the Green Agency at the  Starz Premiere & Showcase

Working with the kids is such a pleasure. Teaching them posture and coordination on a runway is wonderful fun. I have been designing for over a decade, the inspiration I get from watching the kids walk the runway at the showcase is enormous. Since meeting talent at Starz, I have been inspired to add design for kids to my collections and found many young models for my fashion shows.

-Gia Viviana DiMicova

Fashion Designer at the Starz Premiere & Showcase

Even before our daughter could talk she was making silly faces and trying to make us laugh. But she was always so shy around other people. Even when she met that girl from the Disney show at the audition, she was shy. But that Disney girl could tell Alissa was sassy and pulled the wisecracking spunky girl we know out of her shell right there before our eyes. We can't get her to shut up now, no matter who's around. She might not be an actress forever, but the confidence Starz brought out in her will definitely shine for the rest of her life.

-Annette Rios

Starz Talent Parent after the Star Premiere & Showcase

Filming the Episodes with the Starz Tv Network crew and the kids is so much fun!

Great production team and the kids are super happy to be part of it.

-Sean Rio Flynn

" Chase" Zoey 101

My experience with Starz was like entering the world where anything is possible. I felt free and happy. I loved expressing who I am. There are no words to explain how I felt during the process. Thank you Starz for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience!

-Elizabeth Waldridge

Starz Talent 

I had so much fun with the stars! I have learned a lot! Thank you Matthew, Sean and Giovonnie and everyone at Starz!

-Aiyana Lozada

Starz Talent

Starz finds an incredible talent. I find gems and little stars all the time!

-Giovonnie Sammuels

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

All of the rising stars that work with us take home more than techniques and experience on their resume. They build confidence in themselves and their family's support. The entire family brings home memories to share for a lifetime and opportunities to build on their dreams with their best foot forward. The entire Starz team strives to create a uniquely educational yet exciting experience for the star of the family as well as their biggest fans, Mom and Dad. Throughout your time leading up to our week in the studios of  Hollywood, CA our staff as well as Starz's team of celebrities take time to critique and answer questions for all the talent online but it is essential that the family is working together to help their rising star on a monologue, memorizing lines, building characters, and best of all, playing Improv Games to sharpen their quick recovery skills. These activities prior to rehearsals and filming in Hollywood are designed to create a steady system of growth in the family when you come home from your week with us in Los Angeles. Your agent will have a Demo Reel from your performance in the Star Pilot Episode and your young actor will need to be ready when the callbacks start coming in to Book Those Jobs. 

Our team of celebrities keep reminding us they wish they'd had something like Starz when they were starting out and we believe we have created the Best kick-start for a young actors career, no matter where you live. We've helped so many kids make strides in their careers as well as grow the strength of their families and that keeps us working harder to create better opportunities for the next generation of performers.

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