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Alissa Desire

Alissa Desire is clearly a future Star. She has already landed a leading role on a Reality Tv Show Pilot: I AM A STAR alongside Disney and Nickolodeon Celebrities! She was also noticed wearing the most creative French Dress featuring I AM A STAR's most favorite color. The RED!  She was born to walk the Red Carpet and charm the audience with her beauty and style. 

Alissa Desire sings and dances just like Selena Gomez. Alissa has been with STARZ for over 2 years now. She has been continually polishing her acting craft with Celebs from Nickelodeon Channel and starred in most of our Tv Show Pilot Episodes.

Alissa has a face of a doll and charisma of a movie star! Once on stage, she leaves the audience wanting to see more! It's difficult not to be fully captivated by Alissa. She dances like a true pop star and sings like an angel. 

Alissa Desire has been portraying a character of a DIVA in our most recent Episode. She has played the character extremely well and believably. However, Alissa is not a diva in her real life. "She is down to earth and humble," Annette contemplates on her daughter's character. 

"I am so proud of her," mom continues. Alissa has been a bit shy at the very beginning but because of the ongoing development by STARZ Celebrities and being involved in all of the filming of the Episodes, as the show's regular, her shyness has completely faded away. 

Alissa is a Super Star in making, there is no doubt about it. She has been fought over by many reputable agencies wanting to sign her, including the famous " Green Agency" and " Stellar Agency" based here in Miami. (Both Stellar and Green attend STARZ Grand Showcases to discover their next talent.) 

Alissa's parents have decided to go with  "The Green Agency" after weighing their options with Starz team's talent advisors. They have signed an exclusive across the board representation agreement with the agency shortly after the showcase. 

Matthew Underwood "Logan from Zoey 101" had a huge impact on Alissa's confidence. She respects him and has learned a great deal of acting secrets from the Nickelodeon Star. 

After attending STARZ, Sebastian Cabanas signs an exclusive contract with Agents in Miami and Los Angeles! "Gem Entertainment" 

YES! Sebastian Cabanas has been discovered by Starz Tv Network and immediately coached by celebs from famous Nickelodeon Shows, like Matthew Underwood " Logan" Zoey 101 and Sean Flynn " Chase" Zoey 101 and filmed our most recent episode entitled " The Magic Studio" at the Cimacast Studios in Downtown Miami. 

"My Role was super entertaining, I loved portraying the character of " Sebastian" that led  group of kids to kidnap Matthew in pursuit of making it in Hollywood.


The Kidnapping was all staged and part of the script. We have actually teleported outside time and space and ended up in the Amazon Jungle, instead of Hollywood. 

As the unpredicibility of life has it, Sebastian was invited to go to Hollywood after impresing agents at the Grand Showcase in Miami.

"His performance was so captivating, I had to sign him right away"! - Stellar

And boy, did he get signed! Both The Green Agency and The Stellar Agency expressed tremendous interest in respresenting Sebastian after seeing him perform on the Big Screen as the Lead in the Tv Show Pilot episode. 

Sebastian left to Hollywood to perform at iPOP! Los Angeles and signed with prestigiuos Gem Entertainment ; Glenn Hughes. 

True Superstar! 

Nicole Trzeciak

Starz Talent Nicole Trzeciak is a stunner! To say the least; Nicole is fluent in several languages, including Polish!  With her beauty, an evident European charm, super photogenic face and bubbly personality, Nicole has won the hearts of the Celebrities and Starz Tv Miami judges. 

Nicole is a superstar in making! She has had one of the leading roles in our recent Tv Show Pilot Episode entitled:" I AM A STAR " filmed in Miami in which she has portrayed the character of a girl with a secret crush on Matthew Underwood ("Logan," from the Show Zoey 101) 

Shortly after the Premiere of " The Episode" at the Grand Showcase, Nicole and her family headed to Los Angeles to attend iPOP! The International Presentation of Performers, where Nicole has received numerous callbacks from prominent agents and managers. 

Sebastian Cabanas

Jennifer Vera

 STARZ Talent Jennifer Vera Wins 2 Golden Star Awards for her on screen and on stage performances and heads to Hollywood!

Jennifer Vera simply shined during her performance in our Tv Show Pilot episode : "THE MAGIC STUDIO." No wonder why she has walked away with 2 Golden Star Awards : "THE MOST PHOTOGENIC" ( for her on camera likability during the filming of the Show) and: "THE BEST MONOLOGUE" for her Performance at The Grand Showcase.

Those Eyes, those Eyes...Jennifer you deserve it! 

Jennifer has signed with the Stellar Agency and received numerous callbacks and invites to pursue her career in acting and modeling in Los Angeles. 

Jennifer has done so well, that Starz Tv Network has invited her to film her second episode with us at the Cimacast Studios, entitled " The Golden Stars". The Episode Premiered at the Miami Theater Center on November 18th, 2017. 

Jennifer is scheduled to film her third episode in Los Angeles in June, 2018, produced by Starz Tv Network. 

We can't wait to see her shine on the big screen again this summer. 

Elizabeth Pereira

Elizabeth has filmed our recent Episode: "THE GOLDEN STARS" alongside Stars from famous Nickelodeon Show " Zoey 101";  Sean Flynn "Chase" and Matthew Underwood "Logan". 

She has signed a representation contract with numerous agents in Miami and Los Angeles and won several awards for her dance performance at the iPOP! in Las Vegas.

Elizabeth has been featured in several catalogues as a model and is currently auditioning locally in Miami for commercials and modeling jobs. 

Nathan Nieves

STARZ Talent Nathan Nieves has stepped right outta Fairytale. That's right! He is extremely photogenic, confident and talented.

He has immediately signed with the GREEN AGENCY after attending STARZ Celebrity Rehearsals and performed at the Grand Showcase.

Nathan has filmed our recent Episode: "THE MAGIC STUDIO" alongside Stars from famous Nickelodeon Show " Zoey 101";  Sean Flynn "Chase" and Matthew Underwood "Logan". 

Sophia Hai

STARZ Talent Sophia Hai is phenomenal! Her courageous talent commands full attention of the audience.

Her on stage presence, poise, desire to be seen, love of performing, pride and confidence! What an actress!

Sophia has been developed by Starz; from rehearsals with stars like Matthew Underwood and Sean Flynn; to filming of The Tv Show Pilot Episode at the Cimacast Studios; to her final on stage captivating portrayal of Cruella De Vil!


Her singing and acting skills fully came to life during her memorable performance during the Showcase. "She is simply captivating," Barbara Agozzino from the Stellar Agency commented. No wonder, why Sophia has won "The Star of The Show" Golden Star Award!

Sophia has signed with Barbara Agozzino from The Stellar Agency and continues pursuing acting locally in Miami. 

Roman Golden

Roman Golden is not just another "hollywood ready" super name. Roman is adorable and very personable. His "Pirate of the Carribean"  attitude and perfect Commercial look SCORED him an agent. Barbara Agozzino, from the famous "STELLAR AGENCY!" 

Barbara was interested in representing Roman right after his memorable performance during the Starz Grand Showcase. 

Roman has been training with stars like Matthew Underwood during the Program and found his niche.


"I Love Performing, I want to do this for the rest of my life!" Roman expresses his emotions shortly after winning the Golden Star Award for "The Best Costume"

Keep it up Roman, we LOVE YOU! 

Starz talent " Justin  Bieber" Lookalike Gets Discovered at The Grand Showcase. 

Eric Alarcon clearly has the looks! Tall and handsome! His model looks immediately put him on Ellite Models callback list after performing at STARZ Grand Showcase. "He is very photogenic," says Allie Newhoff from DAS Talent Management.  

Eric Alarcon

Jessie Tejeda

Jessy Tejeda heads to Los Angeles after performing at the  STARZ Grand Showcase in Miami. 

Jessy is beautiful, talented and extremely dedicated to her craft. As an experienced and well trained dancer, Jessy started her dance training at the  Coliseo De Las Arte; Miami Based Dance Academy! She has been showcased as a solo dancer numerous times during the Starz Tv  Grand Showcase. Her most recent performance during the final Showcase on June 3rd, 2017 in Miami was simply breathtaking! Jessy has quickly outshined her competition and has been noticed! "Her presence on stage is unbelievable," says Barbara Agozzino, Talent Agent at the prestigious STELLAR AGENCY based in Miami. "That's the reason I attend showcases like  STARZ!" "To discover talent like Jessy Tejeda," she continues. 

Jessy has been invited to go to Los Angeles and to perform at iPOP! International Presentation of Performers in July 2017. Jess and her family couldn't resit the opportunity to see Jessy perform infront of agents, managers and casting directors from all over the world and made a decision to attend iPOP in Los Angeles. Starz is surely happy and very proud she took the chance! Jessy has Won The First Place in Solo Dance Performance and again outshined all her competition!


Jessy has received numerous callbacks in Los Angeles and also received an invitation from the Stellar Agency to further her career in acting. Way to go Jess! 

Nick Mendia 

Nick Mendia is a pop star in making. His performance of a song " All of me" was well remembered. Nick has been part of the filming at the studios and he has loved competing with fellow actors for attention. 

Well, who wouldn't notice such a talented performer with voice the microphone loves! 

Nick was chosen to attend iPOP! in Los Angeles and has won first place in singing. Nick has received numerous callbacks from agents both in Los Angeles and in Miami!

Nick, you rock!

Sheyla Valdes

SuperStar Talent Sheyla Valdes speaks fluent English and Spanish. She is confident and well poised. 

Sheyla has been involved with STARZ throughout the entire process, from rehearsals  with Celebrities to actual filming at the Studios.


"I loved the filming at the Cimacast, I have learned so much about the filming process," she says. Sheyla has performed a monologue from "Wizards of Oz" also during the final Showcase. Her performance was simply...perfect!  


Sheyla has won " The Best Monologue" Golden Star Award.


"Her talent is evident, unassuming and spontaneous," Matthew Underwood           ( Logan from Zoey 101) tells us after working with Sheyla on her character development.  

Sheyla was immediately on "The Stellar Agency" callback list. 

Georgina Paez

Georgina stunns the judges with her Tribute to Jose Fernandez

She staged a unique and moving dance routine in honor of her idol, the late Miami Marlin’s pitcher Jose Fernandez, who was killed in a tragic boating accident off Miami Beach last year. Georgina was inspired by Fernandez’s success as a Cuban refugee and how he stayed the course to achieve celebrity by making it to the United States, despite the odds, to become a major-league player.

“Of course my mom is my biggest inspiration, because she always gives me so much support,” said Georgina. “But next to her, is Jose Fernandez because he was my idol, my baseball idol – and because he was a success.”

“Jose was like a brother to me, like a piece of me. And he was Cuban like my family so he’s kinda like me that way, too. But now he’s gone because he died.” And so Georgina was inspired to celebrate Jose’s life in an emotion-packed dance at the Grand Showcase.

“I do know one thing, he was definitely there on stage with me. I felt him and I heard a little tiny whisper saying ‘thank you for celebrating my life.’ He was there watching me, guiding me, giving me extra strength.”

Sobbing at first in the spotlight, she quickly composed herself to on go to successfully complete her recital – because in addition to Jose, she’s got great personal strength, stamina, and a natural talent on her side. Combined with the invaluable training she’s gained through Starz Tv Program, Georgina is moving swiftly along the spectrum toward true stardom.

“What Georgina brings to the table is smarts, confidence, and commitment,” says Starz’s Monroe. “She is very hard working and a great performer, so I expect to see her go to the next level – and she is in the right place with STARZ, as we developed her from the very beginning.”

In fact, Georgina’s interest in entertainment started at a very early age. “I knew I wanted to be a superstar and so I started dancing when I was 2, because it’s been my passion since I was in daycare.

Hooray for Hollywood
And now it’s happening. Not only did Georgina go through all of STARZ’s demanding celebrity rehearsals, she is now part of the recurring cast in the “I am a Star” reality-TV show, a pilot project in production, right here in a “Studio in the Sky” in Downtown Miami.

Upon completing the “Starz Tv” program,Georgina has landed several film projects,including the supporting role in the feature film"Stillborn".

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