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Starz Tv Promo

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Anyone can take an acting class. But to be a Star, you have to start Acting like a Star. Don't just get your feet wet - JUMP IN! Our approach to building tomorrow's stars is full of excitement, wonder, fun, and best of all - CELEBRITIES! You can learn in a theatre class but you can't jump on the big screen with your favorite stars from Nickelodeon and Disney in your drama department. You want to be a STAR? Lets Make It Happen! Spend a week in Hollywood, CA training and filming with stars from shows like "Suite Life of Zach and Cody", "Power Rangers", "Zoey 101" and MORE! After a few days in LA spent in the Movie Studios make your first Hollywood Production, you'll be joining the Celebs at a Hollywood Premiere Theatre to walk the red carpet and watch your debut performance on the big screen! With a Hollywood Production on your resume, snagging your agent and that next big audition will be a walk in the park.

Sean Flynn
Zoey 101

Sean Flynn plays Chase Matthews in Nickelodeon's Zoey 101. Born into a long line of Entertainment Industry artists, acting and performing is something that runs in his veins. Growing up in Hollywood, CA, Sean learned from and worked with the best of LA's filmmakers. He shares his knowledge and hilarious personality with all the young stars performing in Starz in Los Angeles.

Matthew Underwood
Zoey 101

Matthew Underwood portrayed Logan Reese in Nickelodeon's Zoey 101. He got his start in Miami, FL after meeting his agents at a showcase event. He's spent over a decade navigating the business, learning all the best networking techniques and acting styles. Matthew is so excited about Starz because he and his mom would have given anything for the opportunity the kids get to start their careers here at Starz. A Pilot on their resume, learning the ropes from real stars and doing that in a real TV studio, it's an actors dream come true!

Giovonni Samuels
Suite Life of Zach and Cody

Giovonni Samuels is best known as Nia Moseby in Disney Channel's "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" as well as Nickelodeon's "All That". She has worked on various shows and movies like "Bring It On: All or Nothing" as well as gave her voice as a cartoon character in "Fatherhood "on Nick @ Night. Giovonni has brought so much insight to Starz talent and helped careers of so many rising stars.

Andrew Gray
Power Rangers

Andrew Grey is a Hunk is we've ever seen one. Andrew is the Red Ranger in "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Mega Force" TV show as well as two subsequent Power Rangers: Megaforce Movies. Andrew has also been a longtime Model, for brands such as Dior, Levi and others. His experience in stage combat and modeling have given so many Starz performers knowledge and confidence in themselves and their craft. 

We believe there are only a few realistic ways to get a career started in the Entertainment Industry

  1. Join Starz Tv Network, Inc in Los Angeles, CA for a week of training and filming in a Studio used for some of your favorite TV Shows, alongside celebrities that have the experience and techniques you need to know to show Casting Directors and Producers you know your stuff. You'll be Starring in a TV Show Pilot, a Big Deal for Anyone's resume. You'll be strutting your stuff on the red carpet before your episode premieres in a blockbuster screening theatre for You, Your Family, Producers and Many other Filmmakers. You'll Showcase your acting skills LIVE and then finally, head home with a demo reel to send in your place for auditions and a resume to prove you are Exactly the Star they are looking for.                                                                

  2. You get some local training by a drama teacher and then fly or drive to Los Angeles and stay in a hotel for days or weeks, a few times, visiting Agents' and Managers' offices all day, trying to convince one to represent you, without a resume to show you know what you're doing. After landing an Agent, you rinse and repeat the trips to L.A. for audition after audition, with no resume, dozens of times, until a casting director finally takes a chance on you and gives you your first gig. Finally, you've reached the point in your career that Every Starz Talent achieves in their first couple days in the studio. With a Resume to show you've filmed on a set, memorized lines, worked with a director and everything else they need to know you can do - only then can Agents, Casting Directors and Producers have confidence in you, they won't be afraid to be the one that gives you your First Job.                                                                                                                         

  3. You get some local training by a drama teacher and then attend a Showcase style event like Matthew (Logan from Zoey 101) started his career doing and hope to find a good Agent and Manager that will represent you, without a resume to prove your experience. If you get one, plan to make those few dozen trips to L.A. for auditions until you can finally land a role for your demo reel and resume, like Matthew and his Mom did. Starz Actors go home with a demo reel of their performances on camera to send to Casting Directors along with their resume, instead of having to fly across the country for every audition. But wait a second... Starz wraps up your week in Hollywood, CA with a Showcase Event where you'll be performing for Producers.                                                                                                                   

  4. You are related to someone famous and they put you in a TV Show. *Cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*


Disney has Never just knocked on someone's door and made them "Hannah Montana". That Disney Star's dad is Billy Ray Cyrus (#4). Every dream takes work. Starz Tv Network Team and our Family of Celebrities are committed to making the dream of becoming a Star a lot easier for the next generation of actors.

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